More information in the mail when a calendar event has been created or modified

Hello, in the application Activity I receive an email when an event is created, would it be possible to have in addition to the name of the event the date and time of the event in the mail? Thank you

Have you got an answer ?
The informations when “A calendar event has been modified” isn’t enough…
I need date and time of the event.



I am alone to have this need ?


No you are not :grin:
I have been watching this thread as well and am very keen on a feature like this!

A while ago I did some digging in the code to see if it would be an easy fix (e.g. to include date of event in the email). However I gave up, since I am no expert at PHP and don’t know the architecture of Nextcloud well enough to implement such a thing.

So I am also hoping for someone above my skill level to pick this up :sweat_smile:

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I have the same requests, but only for the pop-up notifications that you get from the app. But I guess it is the same piece of code. I looked at it briefly, but am also not familiar enough with the Nextcloud architecture to provide a ‘3 line’ patch.

There has been some changes recently (probably with the Nextcloud 19 update). Now, the events in the email are links that will take you to the details of the event in your browser.
I actually prefer this variant, since there is no sensitive data sent via unsafe email.

More event information in calendar activity notifications for new or changed event ?
When we get an activity notification from the calendar app e.g. an event changed or is new in this notification are only few informations about the event (only title). Its frustrating to have to look at the event in the calendar to see what has changed.

It still doesn’t seem possible in Nexcloud 22.3

Perhaps later ?