Monitoring all users activities

I’ve been asked to set up a nextcloud server for a company. They need the admin to check every user’s activity. Mainly who has downloaded what. I’ve checked the activity app in Nextcloud and can see only my own activity. Actually we have different groups of users, each group has it’s own folder. I’ve tried to download a file in a specific folder from a user account, but when I do check the “by others” I always find: " No activity yet.There are no events for this filter". Is this a normal behaviour?

Apparently the issue was caused by the way the activities monitor works. Basically it’s only possible to log activities made by users on shared items. Since we used the group folders, the system didn’t record any activity.
Now there’s also a big bug with the group folders: you can’t share them.
I’ve found that this bug has been detected many months ago, back in august, but it’s still there. And it’s a big and annoying bug.

Unfortunately the same experience here. After three (!) years there is no improvement :confused: