Modifying an App


when creating a NextCloud app, and after writing the code and move the code to the path /nextcloud/extra-apps/ and enable it, and it works, assume I want to modify something in the app, how to do that?
when I change the code, at the same app with the same name, then replacing the same app containing new code with the same app containing old code, the new effects are the same.

I have to delete the app, create another app skeleton write the new code then copy the app to the same location so the new code takes effect.

how to modify the app without creating a new app?

Please rephrase your question, I don’t understand it :slight_smile:

Are you trying to write your own app or do you want to modify an app to do something differently?


yes I created my own app, and after I enabled it and it’s working on the server,I wanted to add something to that app “the one that I already created”, but the problem the new changes doesn’t take effect.

so how to modify it after the app is already on the server?

browser cache issue maybe?

some changes might need you to increment the version number of your app.

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actually I’m running NextCloud on a Linux server and connecting at it using PuTTY