Modified files on client sometimes don't sync

In our company we have a NextCloud instance for synching files between the clients.
All the files are stored on a Windows-FileServer and NextCloud has access to them over SMB/CIFS.
On the clients (all Windows) is version 3.4.1 of the NextCloud Client.
Now it happens often that modified files are not synced from the client to the server if they are modified on the client. For example when i open an Excelfile, modify some cells and save it with the same name, the client doesn’t upload the changed version to the server. If I save the file with a different filename (file02.xlsx instead of file01.xlsx), it is nearly instantly uploaded.
All Clients are Windows10 with NextCloud Client 3.4.1
The NextCloud Server runs on Debian11 with NextCloud 22.2.3 and the WebGUI shows that this is the actual version.
The Fileserver is Window2019.
Can you provide me with some help about this issue?

Best regards

It seems like Client version 3.4.2 has resolved the issue