Mobile Contact Sync feature issue android app


The contact sync feature of newly announced android nextcloud app feature is really nice. However, we are facing phone contact sync issue from android mobile.

While syncing mobile contacts - using Backup contacts - it sync only one contact not all. It creates .Contacts-Backup also. But the log shows

Filename: nextcloud.log

– 404 File with name .Contacts-backup/2017-10-18_10-25-06.vcf could not be located",“Exception”:“Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound”,“Code”:0,“Trace”:"#0

However, it creates file with name - 2017-10-18_10-25-06.vcf of 1KB and also visible on other device.

We tried from two different mobile model using Android.

What could be the issue ?

@Andy @tobiasKaminsky

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Likely one for @tobiasKaminsky since he is the expert on that feature :slight_smile:

has anyone followed this up? @tobiasKaminsky? i had a catstrophic failure on my phone and went to the contacts backup and there were files for every day but each one contained 1 contact. luckily i had been exporting as a VCF out of nextcloud on my desktop but it seems someone should know it doesnt seem to work.