Mobile can't joined started audio when using Spreed HPB

Hi Nextcloud community !

We are testing the HPB provided by Spreed/Struktur on our Nextcloud instance.
After activating the HPB, we have great improvments on audio / video quality and response time.
But we have an issue on mobiles iOS and Android phones: the user can join the audio when the Talk App is ringing, but he can’t join an audio that has already started.
When we deactivate HPB, then there’s no problem joining an audio on Talk mobile app.

We had some discussions with Spreed but they can’t find any reason for this bug.

Did you experienced such problem on mobiles ?

Thanks a lot for your ideas !


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I can confirm this behaviour. Same with me. I my case also video communication between 2 mobiles isn’t possible. After deactivating the HPB video between 2 mobiles works again.

I’m experiencing the same exact issues you both are experiencing using Latest NC 22 and mobile talk v12.2.1