Mobile app suggestions


first of all, this is great! A breeze to install, and very solid work!

I am a web developer myself, and I have the following suggestions regarding the apps:

  • They are very different, and offer different features. E.g. in the Android app I have a “grid view / list view”, which is great. The iOS app has the “Photos” tab and can group files by type, which is also great. These features should be the same across architectures (including web).

  • I am not sure how thumbnails are being handled here. But in my case it takes quite long for thumbnails to arrive, and in fact browsing many pictures will flood my server’s resources until it crashes, so maybe it’s just my server that is too slow (1GHz, 1G RAM). But it would be great if browsing through photos could be made more fluid. Similar to the Lightroom app.


  • On iOS I can browse Photos, which is great! They are even sorted by date, which is even better. However, it would make much more sense to sort by the time it was taken (if that data is set, of course), than by the time of file creation. Having the choice would be even better.

Keep up the great work

@Andy @ios for you interest?