Mobile app stopped working - No client certificate was found

Mobile app stopped working - No client certificate was found

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Some useful links to gather information about your Nextcloud Talk installation:
Information about Signaling server: /index.php/index.php/settings/admin/talk#signaling_server
Information about TURN server: /index.php/settings/admin/talk#turn_server
Information about STUN server: /index.php/settings/admin/talk#stun_server

Nextcloud version (eg, 24.0.1): Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.1)
Custom Signaling server configured: no
Custom TURN server configured: no
Custom STUN server configured: no

In case the web version of Nextcloud Talk is involved:
Operating system (eg, Windows/Ubuntu/…): Ubuntu 22.04
Browser name and version (eg, Chrome v101): Tested using Chrome and Firefox as default on my Pixel

The issue you are facing:

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. App on my phone and wifes stopped working. Was logged in but files just have spinning loading icon that never goes away.
  2. Logged out, deleted app storage and cache.
  3. Start to log back in, after entring the URL: I get “No client certificate was found”.

  1. I installed another Nextcloud on my Truenas just to test, local only and I get the same message.

Nothing relevant in the logs and as above, same issue on a new Nextcloud install.

Thanks in advance for any advise.

This is about the files app, right?

My apologie, yes, its just called Nextcloud on my phone.

Seems to be this issue then: 3.29.0 doesnt connect and spams with "No client certificate found" dialog · Issue #12931 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

This made no change. It was working for the last 2 years till the latest update.

That’s why the issue is still open.

Sorry, I’m new to this. I’ll check the report from time to time and wait till a resolution is made. Thanks for helping me.

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