Mobile app for passwords

it would be really nice if we had mobile applications (at least android) for the nextcloud passwords app

There is a third party app by Intirix for Android which can show the passwords.

Also you can check out the api documentation and write one yourself.


Daper has developed a new and more modern app for android.

You can now always find a list of all compatible apps by clicking on “More” and “Apps & Extensions” in the Passwords app for Nextcloud.

wow, great! thank you!

Hey again @mdw!
What about IOS ? If you’ve already considered this, what complication have you guys ran into making it for IOS? Thanks again! :money_mouth_face:

We do not have any ios developers. That’s why there is no ios app.

You know what I just found:
I hoping and praying this collab works out! (i think i attached the link right, new to both communities). TY for your good work on this program