Missing string in Russian translation

Copied this topic from Transifex to the forums (Transifex conversations are still a pain):

Hello rakekniven,

Sorry for writing to you in person, I didn’t find a way to do it properly.

I’ve noticed that the Russian translation for Calendar misses a tag for some reason.

There’s a set of strings relating to event recurrence period: “first”, “second”, “third”, “fourth”, “fifth”, “second to last” and “last”.
I’m not navigating well in the source code but this place looks like their possible origin: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/blob/99985a1e9d2c00cc5a8d429b50511ac4b3efd64c/src/filters/recurrenceRuleFormat.js#L211

But the problem is, in the Russian translation there is no string for “second” at all thus the sting stays untranslated for the Russian interface version.

Can you please add it?

The correct Russian translation for it would be “второй”.

Thank you!

Hello michaelkl,

just discovered a general issue. The string for “second” is not available for any of the 100 languages.

@MorrisJobke Any idea what is causing this behaviour?