Missing release notes for 25.0.5 and 26.0.0

Last week, versions 25.0.5 and 26.0.0 of Nextcloud server were released. 26.0.0 was released on GitHub on March 21st, and 25.0.5 was released on March 23rd. I’m currently adminstrating a Nextcloud 25 instance running 25.0.4, and I started receiving notifications that a new version was available on March 24th. However, no release notes seem to be available for these releases anywhere!

As of this post, there are not posts in the releases forum for either release. The most recent entry at nextcloud.com/changelog is for 25.0.4. And as far as I can tell, no Nextcloud releases on GitHub have release notes.

I want to stay current with my software, but release notes are an essential part of adopting any update, and I won’t update without them. How can I know what’s changing, or if there are any potential issues that will require my intervention? Release notes should be a part of the release checklist for software like Nextcloud, and the fact that two releases went out the door without them for over a week is concerning.

Is there any ETA on these release notes, or information about why they were not published?

Thank you.

[edit] Release notes got added here incl. 25.0.5:

Nice, seems the 26 release notes haven’t been linked there yet, but they are on the server github repo. Sort by labels or use tags or pull requests to find 26.

why aren’t major release notes including ANY information? v25, v26, … etc are empty Changelog - Nextcloud
nextcloud used to post important information about major new features, breaking changes, etc

EDIT: submitted: [Bug]: [DOCS] nextcloud changelog entries for MAJOR release are missing any useful information · Issue #40155 · nextcloud/server · GitHub