Missing nextcloud on installatron

is any information about using nextcloud with installatron too?
owncloud is the only solution there :frowning:



Looks for me like they provide all the apps. From checking the version numbers of owncloud, they are not very fast in providing updates. I’d rather chose an environment where you have more control about this.

? and whats now the anser to my question? change hoster?

If they can’t help you, yes. I’d rather use a vserver than a hosting packet, in a hosting packet you only control very little parameters, sometimes you are lucky with your provider sometimes you aren’t. Debugging is much harder/impossible. If you don’t have any experience in running a server, start with a local setup in a virtual machine on your computer, raspberry device etc. are use a dedicated Nextcloud hoster (https://nextcloud.com/providers/, portknox and Tech and me have been active in the community here, the other providers I don’t know at all. You might find some experience on them here on the forum, if you don’t know them, don’t take a long running plan).


Installatron’s lack of update is annoying, especially since large providers such as Infomaniak would like to migrate, but the software developer ignores requests:

It’s always possible to create your own installatron package of course, so that could be one way to go.

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unfortunately I have to confirm that, Installatron was times among one of the best solution, but unfortunately they are “something slipped” Is anyone also in contact with this Support Team, do you have a ticket number with the request on INSTALLATRON?