Missing "New Subscription" calendar option

I don’t have the option/button to subscribe to a calendar. The button/option does not appear in the UI and missing.

I’m attempting to follow this documentation:

My screen:

Have you tried to click on the ±sign behind the “New calendar” menu entry?

Tried it. Adding a webcal link doesn’t show any events, and doing it that way doesn’t match the documentation.

Things are changing. Are you sure that you try to subscribe to a valid webcal resource?
Any messagres in the Nextcloud log file?

This link works in Mozilla Thunderbird (But not in Nextcloud):

Not seeing anything in nextcloud.log

Not sure if this is really the new way of adding a network calendar subscription. It doesn’t follow the current documentation:

Also, the added calendar no longer keeps any metadata of the network calendar. If I copy the “private link”, its a link to Nextcloud, not the network calendar:

At first I would use “https” instead of “webcal” as a protocol. Then I have in mind that the mechanism has changed how remote calendars are read and imported. As far as I remember it doesn’t happen instantly but with the next cron run. Finally the syntax of the calendar which you want to import seems to be corrupted:



Thank you for being helpful. I’m experimenting between HTTPS:// and WEBCAL:// So far no conclusion yet. Some calendars started working, and don’t know why. Not sure if the calendars are updated based on CRON schedule, or when the Calendar circle thing is rotating.

Also, there are some bug posts that might be the same issue I’m having:

The issue you’re looking for is this one: https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/1895

You need to increase cron frequency to get frequent subscription updates. I’ve submitted a PR to fetch subscription data on initial creation. https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/19398

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Might you know if the calendar update frequency can be adjusted from the Nextcloud UI?

Does the Calendar update on the Nextcloud cron schedule? I don’t think my schedules need to be updated everything 15 minutes.

Calendar subscription updates default frequency is of one week, unless the subscription says otherwise. I submitted a PR to lower the default value.

But the cron should be called every 15 minutes because there’s lot’s of other things it does.

I assume that the default Nextcloud cron job is used to refresh the calendar too. There’s a recommendation to run it every 5min now. Afaik, a warning is displayed when an interval greater or equal 15min is set in the latest versions:


The cron job running every 5 minutes doesn’t mean the calendar will be refreshed every 5 minutes. It just gets a chance to be refreshed. There’s a lot of jobs waiting to be processed, and the calendar job only checks if it has to process when it’s due (as I was saying, the default frequency is of one week).

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