Missing "insert date" function?

According to https://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/ONLYOFFICE-Editors/ONLYOFFICE-Document-Editor/UsageInstructions/InsertDateTime.aspx it should be possible to click “insert” and then find a Date & time Date and time icon icon on the top toolbar. For some reason I don’t see that anywhere. Where can I find it?

Inserting todays date in a document is really a very basic functionality in any word processor so I’m sure it must be somewhere?

Collabora is nowhere near feature complete compared to LibreOffice, unfortunately.

Can I have the same functionality with LibreOffice? I mean, browser based like Google Docs?

You post this in the Category “Support” and “Collabora”. But you linked something about OnlyOffice? This confuse me a little bit. Do you really use Nextcloud? Please provide more information about your setup. Maybe you are in the wrong forum.

Why does that confuse you? Yes I use Nextcloud, then installed Collabora Online and Onlyoffice plugins. Essentially what I’m after is something akin to Google Docs, but self hosted. This combo is what came up after a bit of searching. If you have a better solution I’m all ears.

In Collabora Online i can add fields. E. g. click on “Insert” -> “More fields…” -> “Date”.

Please let me know where you find the “more fields” and I’ll be happy to try it!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I’d much prefer using Libre if that is an option, but as far as I can have been able to find this is the only way to get this functionality.

As i wrote: In Collabora Online i can add fields. E. g. click on “Insert” -> “More fields…” -> “Date”.

Your screenshot is from Only Office. These are two different things. This is the category “Collabora” and not “Only Office”.

I don’t use Only Office.

Ok now I think I understand. I removed the onlyoffice plugin, and up popped collaboraoffice.
The “insert date” function is there, but … the app seeems to be very very slow on my PC.
Are there other alternatives?