Missing Imagick in NCP docker

I’m running a Openmediavault server on a SBC armhf with Raspian Buster. Nextcloudpi is running in docker but to get my HEIC photo previews working I have been told I need Imagick.

So what is the easiest way to include it in my docker container without screwing anything up? I have tried to find any instructions for NCP in Debian docker but seems to not find any. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

imagick is deemed a php security risk.
So, no easy way afaik, need rebuilding the image, including a package version manually.
Not easy to fix either as,
Latest and curent version in RasbianBuster repo is php-imagick 3.4.3-4.1

Imagick Devs strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version (greater than 6.9.1 or 7.x)

Thanks, that is what I have been reading in older posts. But now I now nothing has changed. I guess I’ll have to convert to JPEG instead of HEIC, that would be a lot easier than making imagick work for me.