Missing Guest app?

@jospoortvliet that’s (^) far too much work to end up with a still non-functioning app. Can we get some resource just to get something out the door? It was announced after all…

yeah, I know, it should’ve been finished already but I guess we got distracted. A big customer had some project mgmt work that was super urgent and pretty much all engineers have been busy with that over the last 2 weeks.

Can you not stick @mario on it for 3-4 hours? He’s a wizard :bomb:

You’re right but we’re exhausting his wizardry at the moment, I think :wink:

Poppycock. I’ll look out for the release announcement later today :wink:

It would be great to have this app in the store as it was already advertised in May: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-12-redefining-file-sync-and-share-with-collaboration-and-communication/

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Would be great to have a ETA on this app.


is there some progress with this app? Sadly this feature was announced back in May but is still missing. Many news outlets also took over this info, but it is still not part of Nextcloud or at least available in the store. Do you think it will be released at least with the next point release?

Thank you for your hard work.

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The guest app is nicely available from the ownCloud team for ownCloud 10.0. Great piece of innovation missing here but announced to impress the marketing channels … honestly it seems what I did fear when this fork happened is getting true - two communities are developing stuff and copy around - lots of double work and a win for Microsoft and other real proprietary offerings.

@Escubaer Well, the fractioning is there, for sure. But not even Owncloud is really Open Source (look at their “Enterprise/Paid Apps”) and a number of additional apps are not the latest versions (a look at the version number shows this). On the other hand, everything that is Open Source can be copied back an forth, basically. That is the advantage of it.

@jospoortvliet Do you have a list of things that still prevent the release of this app? This would surely be helpful to anyone wanting to work on it.

I guess what is in https://github.com/nextcloud/guests/issues but there might be more including “it doesn’t work”… I think the most important thing is a review of https://github.com/nextcloud/guests/pull/1 and help/comments there are welcome, even by ppl who aren’t super experts: just grabbing that code and testing it makes a difference.

And yes, I know it is a lot of changes they decided to make, part of that is security and reliability concerns, you see quite some issues were found.

as the last update is from Jul24: what is the status?

I tried it out and it basically works if you use the branch from the PR. You can find more information here:

Hello, do you have any news on this app? Thank you!

+1 for this, this would be very useful

Ping @jospoortvliet for an update.

any update on this please

i thought the latest version 12.05 would have it but it doesnt

any ETA please…


I don’t know if this is a helpful idea, but are you aware of the possibility to create a user and set the Quota to 0?
I believe it was Nextcloud 12.0.0 when a Quota of 0 was out of the sudden not possible anymore (which was functioning as designed if I recall it correctly).
However I believe that was the time when a Guest app was very much needed/ appreciated.
Since 12.0.4 a Quota of 0 is again possible and you are actually able to create that kind of Guest account that way. I’m not sure if a guest app is still needed then.

The user with Quota 0 can do pretty much everything on the your server, what you allow him to, except store data within his own space.

The idea would be then:

  • create user with Quota of 0 bytes
  • put him in a new group (e.g. “guest” or “limited”)
  • specify the apps you want to allow the “guest” to use, by adding the group “guest”/ “limited” as enabled groups for these apps (that actually have the option to limit its usage to groups)
  • if you want these guest users to provide some data to you, share a folder with write permissions with him

Maybe this helps (as long as the guest app is not available).

Any news on this?
We come from MicroFocus Filr, and from what I understand, the Guests app would make Nextcloud work in a similar way (user shares via mail, guest must register with his mail address and can then use the desktop client). This is the one Filr feature I’m missing desperately.