Missing Excel changes in Collabora last 19 days (S3 bucket)

Missing Excel changes in Collabora last 19 days (S3 bucket)


For beginning I describe my installation:

All services live on the single host.

Host: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x64

  1. Redis - was setted as docker image (image: redis:latest)
  2. MariaDB - was setted as docker image (image: mariadb:latest)
  3. Collabora - was setted as docker image (image: collabora/code:latest)
  4. Nextcloud - was setted as docker image (image: nextcloud:latest)
  5. Nginx - was setted as host service, not docker ( because there is some another virtual hosts on this host)

Nextcloud: 24.0.1
MariaDB: 10.8.3 (DB size: 124 MB)
PHP: 8.0.19 (Memory limit: 512 MB)
Redis: 7.0.1

Quantity of users accounts: 50
Quantity of similatuannely worked users in Collabora Online documents: 30 (about)

All documents are stored in S3 bucket. We are use Yandex.Object Store storage.yandexcloud.net.

In most cases all works great.

But we have one highly loaded Excel document “Working hours.xlsx”.
This document is open at the same time by many users. ( Users with write permissions: 3 (similatuannely) , users with only read permissions: 10 (similatuannely))

Last time I was refreshing the SSL certificate on the nginx service.
When I was do this, I was restart nginx.service.
Everything looks good.

But on the next work day, I was received a lot of complaints, about unsaved changes in this file.
I was download this file directly from S3 bucket, and I was see than this file wasn’t changed 19 days.
But in the user interface all look good, until I was restarted nginx.service

Can you advice to me what I must to do, so that this doesn’t happen again?