Missing Endpoints in Nextcloud 28 Monitoring API

I have developed a Nextcloud plugin for the monitoring solution CheckMK (see Checkmk Exchange).
After updating from version 27.1.5 to 28.0.1 (using the docker image) I noticed that the endpoint for “apps” is now missing when you go through all infos listed below the URL “<your.server.dns>/ocs/v2.php/apps/serverinfo/api/v1/info”.

So the plugin ist not able to get the number of installed apps anymore, and, more important, the number of apps with available updates.

Does anyone know whether this is a bug in version 28 or whether this has moved to another endpoint/URL?

The above mentioned endpoint is exactly the one which is shown within the Nextcloud GUI under “Administration Settings | System” at the very bottom of the page. There is no difference between versions 27 and 28.

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Hey, you can enable different options for the status endpoint from the system page in administrative settings. I think there’s now an option to skip/include app updates…

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great, they changed the default behaviour of the API.
If requesting the information you now have to explicitly give the parameters
skipApps=false” and “skipUpdate=false” within the API request.

The plugin now works again.
Many thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

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