Missing contacts and calendar in CentOS


Installed nextcloud 10.0.4 from the repo on a CentOS 7 and I am missing the contacts and calendar apps.

What must I do to get them?



First off all you should get a newer version of nextcloud. currently only version 14 and above are supported.

I tried version 16.0.0 but get
This version of Nextcloud requires at least PHP 7.1
You are currently running 5.4.16. Please update your PHP version.

What is the version of NextCloud I can run with PHP 5.4.16?


I think that is definitely the wrong way to go, because PHP 5.4 is out of support since September 2015 and the last Nextcloud version which supported PHP 5.4 was Nextcloud 10 which is also out of support since August 2017.

It is an absolute security nightmare to stick on such old software releases. You should upgrade to an up-to-date Nextcloud (v16) and PHP (v7.2) version asap.

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Thank you! I’ll see wether I can upgrade to PHP v7.2. Found a tutorial to do this on CentOS.

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