Missing Appstore / Missing Apps

Among other things i wanted to install the App external sites for Nextcloud. The App can be found here: Linking external sites — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

They tell me: " The External sites app can be easily installed from the app store. Go to Settings > Apps > Customization to enable it. Then go to your Nextcloud Settings > Administration > External sites to create your links, which are saved automatically."

But when i go to my Menu (Button at Top-Right), and go to Settings i dont see a section called “Apps” where i can enable it.
When i search for it in “Apps”, where i succesfully installed other Apps, i cant find the “External Sites”- App.

In contrast to the Screenshots from the linked docs above i dont have a section “Appstore” in my Menu…

Where and how i can install the Apps i cant find?

I use a managed Nextcloud, so i dont have Access to the server, so i cant manually install Apps i think? Or is there a way to use External Apps with GitHub Links or something else…

Thanks for help!

Only Nextcloud admins can install apps. You find the entry “Apps” on the top right side if you click on your profile.

Also you can direct open the link. Change to your Nextcloud servername:

Thanks for your reply!

I am Admin…
I can install Apps…
But when i search for “external sites” i dont get any result…
Some of the Apps which are listed here (https://apps.nextcloud.com/) are available, others e.G. “external sites” arent…

Use this link:

I CAN navigate to this…, with and without Link…

But i Just have four Apps there:

  • AppOrder
  • Custom menu
  • Theming
  • Breeze Dark

In the doc (Customization - App Store - Nextcloud), they have 15 Apps in this section… So 11 are missing for me, e.g. the “external sites”-app

To make my point clear: I can see some Apps, i can install apps, but there are many missing…!

Can you use occ?
Using the occ command — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Your Provider might offer nextcloud but limits the ability for installing all apps.
If you have a hosted nextcloud you might check with the company hosting it.