Missing AI features

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I searched inside the Apps, since it was said, all AI-features are optional. Where do I activate for example “AI image generation”?

Long version
From the different official channels (videos/release channel) I saw, different AI-features are integrated. As described they are optional and should be enabled via Apps.
After an upgrade to NC27.0.0, I cant find any app, with that I can use stable diffusion (Image generation) self hosted. - Just external services.

Also I cannot find any resource (article, or forum thread), that would explain it - neither superficial nor in detail.

If someone could enlighten me? :slightly_smiling_face:

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The one in the demo is this one:

I think many of us are still trying to decipher the various AI pieces from the Hub 4&5 announcement and sort out what’s really self-hosted and what isn’t… and where the different pieces can be found.

For example:

Thank you for clarification. This I also found, but it utilizes 3rd party - and confused me.
The tickets on the issue tracker looking promising.

Thanks for clarification!

Stable diffusion self hosted is indeed not yet there but if anyone feels like doing a PR to get it in the integration I’m sure it will be accepted

Update: There are starting to be some enhancements sprinkled throughout the documentation covering AI bits for the various covered apps. Also, there’s now a dedicated AI Chapter:


P.S. If your window size isn’t huge (and you’re like me), it’s easy to overlook that the linked table is scroll-able (and a lot of the useful information is otherwise hidden to the far right).

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