Miss registration plugin

Hi all,
nice work on the nextcloud 11 but i miss the registration-plugin from here https://github.com/pellaeon/registration. I think it was in the first time from the nextcloudstore avaylible…??? how can i install it?

First step, you could ask the maintainer if he plans to put it in the app store. You can also download the repo and put it in the apps-folder. But it’s not sure if it will work with NC 11, so be prepared for some problems (check before how you can disable an app when you can’t access the web-frontend) and report problems to the bugtracker of the app.

that is the one that I am using and it works fine for me

Thanks for the information!
@pellaeon can you put it in the nextcloud app store? :slight_smile:

There is another thread where he said in one of the next weekends he is going to try and get it going and in the app store I believe

thanks @rmarkjr for the info

welcome … oh and the thread was a reply to me about 2 days ago