Mise en oeuvre onlyoffice

I’m on a share host apache 2.4 php 5.6 mysql 5.5 and I just installed nextcloud 13.0 and enabled onlyoffice.
However, I don’t see any new “item in the new (+) menu to create Document” as specified on admin documentation.
I then went on “more parameters” and specified the address "https://…/nextcloud/apps/onlyoffice/ without any success
Can anyone tell what and how I would process ?

Hello @gilles,

Could you please send us logs of the Nextcloud. Send us also a screenshot of ONLYOFFICE address settings in administrator section of Nextcloud.

You can send the logs to support@onlyoffice.com

Please add a note “for ONLYOFFICE technical support” to your e-mail.


After reading for a while, it looks like onlyoffice requires an
onlyoffice server somewhere. That explains why it does’nt work right ?

Thank you for helping anyway

Here is the screenshot, this is full address for “document editing
service address” : https:///www/nuage/nextcloud/apps/onlyoffice/

Hello @gilles,

The address in settings is incorrect. There should be the address of ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Yes, you need to install it the Document Server, we recommend to do it on the different server. Please follow this link to find more information about the integration of ONLYOFFICE Document Server with Nextcloud.