Mise à jour/update nextcloud 17.01

Petit soucis lors de la mise à niveau de 17 à 17.01!
Arrêt lors de l’update (blocage) sur * ## Delete old files
Could not rmdir: /var/www/html/updater/…/lib (chemin incomplet!)
Qqun à une petite suggestion ou un retour d’expérience?
Merci d’avance.

Good morning.
Little problem with update from 17 to 17.01!
update blocking * ## Delete old files
Could not rmdir: /var/www/html/updater/…/lib (chemin incomplet!)
Does somebody have a suggestion or a feedback?
Thank you and sorry for my poor english.

Most likely the permissions on the files and directories are too restrictive to perform the upgrade. You can set permission via the script here:
After the upgrade you can set the permissions back via the script here:

In your case you would need to change one line to the following:


Had to do the same thing yesterday and worked like a charm.