Miror nextcloud

I have a Pi2 with the nextcloud snap and just set up a second one on a pi3.
I plan to miror the 2 database for data safety. How to set it up?

Thank you for your help

You won’t be able to.

In order to mirror you’d need a “shared” data directory between the two servers (such as glusterfs) or a very, very realtime sync and a master/slave or master/master mysql server setup, unfortunately the snap is read-only and won’t allow you to make the necessary changes to the mysql configuration.

You’d be best served running a self-installed NC installation instead.

Thank you Jason for you answer…also found you blog, this is really interresting
We know that 2.5 inches are not 100% safe and in order to back up the data automatically and simple way, what can you recommand ?

Depends on the 2.5" you get. Enterprise relies heavily on the 2.5" format and it’s known to be generally more resilient due to its use in laptops and other portable devices (which succumb to more abuse than desktop HDDs). Find something enterprise-class and you’ll be set, otherwise I’m a fan of WD having had the fewest drive failures from them in my RAIDs :slight_smile: