Minor Upgrades v27.X.3


can somebody explain what is the middle (minor) upgrade in Nextcloud release version? Ex:. 27.1.2 - that is one

Is it more of a maintenance upgrade or a minor major upgrade which can have disruptions? I’m configure automatic maintenance and would like to know if it’s safe to upgrade also the minor version. Docs unfortunately does not help as there are no mention of that

Thank you

Hub 6 (27.1.x) is the successor to Hub 5 (27.0.x)

Read: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

That is something which much people have done or are trying to do but it is not a good idea.
My sincere advice: keep doing your updates manually.

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Technically, it’s somewhere between a maintenance/patch release and a major release. :wink:

But most closely resembles a new major release (speaking conservatively).

Minor version bumps are rare.

IIRC 27.1.x was published as a stop gap to stretch out the v27 release cycle a bit longer so that the upcoming (at the time) new major (28) would not have to be announced with support for an end-of-life (or about to be) PHP version (and then Nextcloud being stuck with supporting it for another 12 months). There were also related factors probably too, such as PHP versions distributed in LTS releases of major distros. Same idea, but I don’t recall the specifics off-hand.

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