"mind map" 3rd-party app broken since NC 28

Hi there,

Nextcloud version 28.0.1
Debian 12, standard nginx +php versions from Debian 12

Issue : app broken, it downloads the .km file instead of opening it.

There鈥檚 a bug filed here (Adapt to NC 28 by artonge 路 Pull Request #190 路 ACTom/files_mindmap 路 GitHub) but no working solution, for the last 2 months.

Anyone came up with an idea? I can鈥檛 find any working fork, workaround.
This is quite a blocking bug. I can get the json map file and read it with a basic json viewer tool. Even a tool out of Nextcloud would do if the development is stopped. I鈥檒l get back to a desktop tool if needed.

no error logs found anywhere. Just downloading instead of handling the file. Surely an API change not integrated in the current version

I鈥檓 quite surprised only a few people seem concerned. Probably this app is not used as much as I thought.


Best case is if there are a couple of maintainers for an app, so it does not depend on a single person. Since there is already a pull request and it is working, you can use it without an official release.

Not sure if you still manage to contact the repo鈥檚 owner, if not someone could take over and fork the app.

I鈥檓 not a git master but I cloned the repo + branch + PR I merged in the master branch, archived it all and鈥 no, still downloading instead of opening.
I tried with the workaround developer鈥檚 forked repo, same.
Maybe I missed something. If someone has good directions to get it, that would help