MimeMapping Question-Downloads Still Forced after UpdateDB. What Did I Miss?

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: RHEL 8
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4
PHP version: PHP 8.0 as php-fpm

The issue you are facing:

Custom extension being downloaded rather than opened in the editor.
I have created a custom mimemapping json file, added the new extensions (2) to the file in alpha order, run occ updatedb filecache command, and the update js for good measure.

"log": ["text/plain", "text"],

I have run the filescan all (more on that below). I created new files with the extension to see what would happen as they would be after the change. Still prompted to download.

One of the files is .log, and we can focus on that.

Also, restarted apache and php in case something was cached, reboot for giggles too.

Did not touch the aliases file and the icon did not update for the .log file

Files all live remote sftp mount connections

Any thoughts about what I missed?

Oh and running occ filescan:files --all just generates a bunch of Home Storage Not WRitable errors. I installed NC on another server and see that home storage error there too when tests. Data dir is 777 for the test and outside of the web dir

OMG… typos and commas can kill… and missed copy to…

That was a touch subtle and maybe could be better called out in the file.

sample in:

Custom file needs to be in

Then ran
sudo -u apache php occ maintenance:mimetype:update-db --repair-filecache

And we are good.