Migration without command line access


I currently have a Nextcloud Instance hosted by a provider. I am the admin of the instance, but I don’t have command line support. I am thinking of moving to another provider because my current one is unstable and their support team don’t answer. I have read the official instructions on migration, but it requires command line support, which I don’t have.

My question: Is it possible to migrate my current instance to another host provider without command line access?

I’m currently thinking of moving stuff by hand, since I have only 2-3 users. I want to know if there are faster/easier options.

depending on what features you use it could be as simple as copying some files (if you only use it for storage) to manually adding all “advanced” functions like shares by hand.

most important question is if you have dedicated or shared instance. In case this is dedicated chances exist you can download/request offline backup of you Nextcloud Database - you can use this to stage your new instance… if this is shared no chance to migrate you shares, calendar, contacts and other stuff stored in DB…

in case of dedicated instance try to grab our DB and your data folder - this is enough to setup fresh NC instance with same version (or your_version+1)… otherwise take a look to export/move the data client-side.

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