Migration tool seems quite broken

ok - bit the bullet - trying to migrate my owncloud 10.x to nextcloud. Seemed to be going fine until it started complaining that it couldn’t “unlink” files. I made sure everything had the right owner, group, permissions, but that didn’t work.

So I started removing those files manually and retrying, which seemed to allow progress. It then complained that it couldn’t “rmdir …core” so I did a manually rmdir of the core folder.

Then it complained that “core/shipped.json is not available”

So, uhm, duh — that’s kinda not a surprise if it first wanted to remove the core folder. So how to proceed?

You know what version of Nextcloud you have to migrate? I think it should be the latest NC 12 release: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#latest12

I suppose you have a backup of the last working ownCloud setup and if you have a virtual machine you might want to create a snapshot now.

You can try to follow the manual procedure (like for manual upgrade). Delete all code but keep the data/ and config/ folder! Now, get the code from the link above, unpack it, set the right permissions, then you can run the upgrade command in the Nextcloud main folder:

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

(www-data is the default www-user in debian/ubuntu, it might differ on your system)

Well, I was trying to migrate from the latest version of Owncloud (which is what I had installed) to the latest version of Nextcloud. Even doing it manually failed for me.
Ultimately I succeeded by first manually upgrading to Nextcloud 12 and then upgraded from Nextcloud 12 to Nextcloud 13

My sense is that that migration script needs to be improved significantly to deal with such things, particularly when it comes to it wanting to delete a directory and THEN complaining that a file in that directory can’t be found

Should we guess?

So you tried first to upgrade to NC 13 which failed?

The script often works for the owncloud version which is one minor release behind. It was told that ownCloud implements new features even in minor version, so each minor release requires modifications and testing of the migration procedures. With both project diverging, it gets more and more complicated.

The developers try to improve the migration scripts and feedback is very important. However, to reproduce the errors, they need detailed information. Just the latest 10.x version of ownCloud on whatever system does not help at all. They probably did test a migration on some 10.x owncloud to a 12.x Nextcloud on some system. You can post detailed bug reports on https://github.com/nextcloud/owncloud-web-migrator/issues

I’m sorry - I guess I just assumed that (at my time of writing) it would be quite clear what actual version numbers would be associated with the “latest” of owncloud and nextcloud respectively. So I was trying to go from OC 10.x to (apparently) NC 13.x

I realize that things get more complicated as projects diverge but if the migration tool only works for (say) OC 10 to NC 12, then it should probably stop right there and tell the user. Having said that, if I recall, part of that migration tool process included the download of NextCloud so if it noticed that I had OC 10, then maybe it shouldn’t have downloaded NC 13.x

Look - I got it working doing it the manual way but reality is lots of people that you’d like to attract to NC won’t necessarily have the chops so regardless of how hard it becomes to keep the migration script up to date with all the various combinations, it makes much more sense for one group (whoever created the script) to address all the issues rather than have 100s (hopefully way more) of users having to figure it out.