Migration to another server

Hello everyone

I use this solution since owncloud 6 in 2014…

So with the updates, the fork and the migration to Nextcloud, the installation of collabora 3 years ago, etc…the server has lived well and it’s time to make it completely new.

I installed nextcloud 24 with collabora in a debian 11, a link to the active directory domain for my users, etc…, in short everything works perfectly.

Now it’s time to transfer the data from the current server (which I will call source), to the new server (which I will call target).

No problem to copy the content of the /data_owncloud directory of my source server to the /DataNextcloud directory of my target server

My question is mainly about the database transfer part:

The database is called owncloud on the source server and nextcloud on the target server

What I would like to do, if it is possible, is only to retrieve the database of this group “customers” in the database of the source server and transfer it to the target server and then scan the whole target server so that it retrieves the database of files.
Normally, if I am not mistaken, the ids of the active directory members have not changed.

I have no idea if what I want to do is reliable and feasible

Can you help me to do this?

Thank you in advance.

Sorry. I can not really help. But have you read this?

The easiest (but maybe not your way) is:

a.) install new Nextcloud 24 without any data
b.) create all users new on Nextcloud 24
c.) copy only the files from OwnCloud to Nextcloud in the file structure
d.) use “occ files:scan --all”

a.) all shares are gone
b.) data of apps are gone

a.) No real problems

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Thank you

Yes I have read all the documentation on migration.

I would just like to be able to integrate in my new nextcloud server only the users of the group named “customers” to avoid losing these accounts and the associated passwords if it is possible.