Migration Requirements

Hello, I run NC 21 in a VM in VMware which I imported from Virtualbox.

I have installed ProtonMail Bridge, but something happened and that app has a problem which we’ve been unable to solve.

I’d like to setup a fresh install of NC on a new VM in VMware, and migrate my current NC setup to it.

  1. Do I need to install the same exact version of NC 21? Or can I install NC 22? i.e. do the NC versions have to be the same?

  2. Can I have php8 on the new NC server? Or do I have to install php7.4 same as the old one?

  3. Are there any other requirements I should consider during the new install?


In theory you can install the next major version and directly upgrade. However, if there is a problem, you won’t know if it is due to the new environment or due to the new NC version.

You need a php version that is supported by the Nextcloud you are planning to use. So php 8 should be ok. Be careful if you use some caching modules in your config and it’s not set up in php 8 yet.

If you control the client, I would just disable them, do all the restoring, check if it is working and then try to turn on one client to see if everything works as expected.

I was planning on setting up the redis server for memcache. Do you know if its supported in php8 ?

Thank you for your help.