Migration owncloud --> nexcloud 12.0.0 - error

hi all,

just new here…

this evening i start to convert my owncloud to nextcloud.
advise will be to use nextcloud 12.0.0.
all went well.
soi start to update the DB by http url.
then i get an error:
Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

any idea what this could be?
i have also tried to install version 9 of nextcloud. the error message then was something like “no downgrade” …
im bit out of options.
someone any idea?

thanks in advanced!!


As the message says i would do a fresh installation.

tnx for your fast reply.

ok, i can do a fresh install, no problem.

i dont wanna loose the old information. my old data (is outside nextcloud folder) my public shares of data, etc etc. is there an option to do that?

I would sync everything to the workstation first to have a backup of the entire data collection.

i have no idea for that.

im worried about the local data.
if i make a new instance of nextcloud, then i dont have any users.
that’s ok.
then i will make 1 user wich already was available on owncloud…
dont wanne lose these data.

i have a mysql db.
saw in the owncloud tables great user settings.
in the nextcloud could find that table.

at this moment im running owncloud 1005 again.
will try to migrate later time…