Migration of Appointments/Tasks/Contacts from Outlook (PST file)/Kopano to NextCloud

I am currently using Kopano and have more than a decade of PIM data in it (tens of thousands of appointments, TODOs, contacts).

I am currently syncing to Outlook (with the MAPI Zarafa Connector) and to my phone (via ActiveSync). All my data is currently in a ~200MB Outlook PST file.

  1. Do you have experience with using Nextcloud with such a large data base? Does it work reliably to handle tens of thousands of items?

  2. When I sync via CalDAV with my iPhone (or macOS), will the whole data set be synced? This is not really something desired because (a) it’s a lot of data that unnecessarily needs to be synced and stored on the mobile device (b) there is always chance that sync is messed up and a ten year old item gets changed even though it shouldn’t. What’s the best way to handle it?

  3. What is the best way to migrate my data from a PST file to NextCloud (Appointments, TODOs, contacts)?

Hey, regarding 2.:

Yes, everything will be synchronized. A good sync client will only synchronize the full data only once though and then just push the actual changes over the network, so the traffic should not be a problem (A good client i Know is DavX5, but i am an Android user and can’t give you hints regarding iOS).

A solution to avoid this might be to split up your contacts to different address books and only synchronize the address books you want to. You should be able to select the ones you need when configuring the synchronization.