Migration from RPI3 to bigger mashine - backup transfer - nextcloud snap


my Nextcloud Snap instance runs perfectly on a RPI3. But I now want to migrate it to a stronger mashinewhich runs with Debian. I copied already the Data folder and mounted it in the same place withe the same name. I also copied the /snap/nextcloud folder to the new mashine but I couldn`t get this thing going. The old folder got a new name also. After I enabled nextcloud with “snap enable nextcloud” I only got a white page.

After some trails: which included to rename the backup folder with the number on it (in the nextcloud folder). It got the number of the folder of the new installation. After I enalbed it and run “snap info nextcloud” I saw that the “nextcloud.redis-server” was inactive. I have no clue what this server does. Now I got no page at all in the browser.

Has someone an idea?

best regards