Migration from old server doesn't seem to look successfull

Hi everyone,

i had a working Nextcloud 20 setup running in a docker and decided to move to a standalone installation on a vm. I went and installed NC22 on it, and after that i followed the official guide how to migrate to a new server… All was done by the book, and no errors occurred, but now I noticed that smth might have gone wrong.

When I go to the appstore, i see that a lot of apps are marked as ‘not tested’. Upon clicking on them, I see that they are all for the NC20 version, so I would assume that dumping/restoring the db had some settings messed up and now, even tho NC is at version 22, on certain parts it thinks that it’s NC20 :slight_smile:

What can I do to fix this?

Nextcloud version: 22.2.0
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 / Nginx
PHP version: 8.0

In general it’s not supported to restore the DB on another version. You can either upgrade your old docker installation to 22 and migrate to native install the, or migrate from docker to native within NC20 version and upgrade the native version to NC22 then…

As already mentioned, both servers needs to be on exactly the same version of everything before export/import.

from my experience (in fact, I just did this two days ago), you needn’t match “exactly” everything…just shouldn’t be different too much.

One thing that needs to match is the NC version. You should pull down the same v20 (https://nextcloud.com/changelog/#latest20), after making sure everything works, then update the VM version of NC to 22.

I ended setting up a completely new setup based on NC22 and copying all the files to new instance (as I didn’t have too much of it). The only thing that I fought a bit was moving calendars, but that wen’t ok also in the end).

Thank you all for the support.