Migration from OC to NC

Hi there,

i tryed to migrate with the update-tool from OC 10.0.10 to Nextcloud. But if i click on the Button “Continue update” the button is gone away, but nothing happen. Screenshot attached.

The System is a CentOS 7.6.1810 with PHP 7.2.

In the Apache Error-Log there is only one entry for that:

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: password in /var/www/cloud/updater/index.php on line 1436

Does anybody has some ideas for me to fix it and make NC running?

Thanks a lot!!


The migration scripts are home in this repo:

The developers are reviewing it from time to time and check with newer versions. However, this task is not very high up on the priorities. You can report the problem you had there, so they can have a look at it.

Do you see which version was downloaded for migration? If you know the version, you can download it and do it like a manual upgrade. @jospoortvliet can perhaps help a bit.