Migration failed

Hi, I was migrating vom owncloud X to nextcloud, first error was that my PHP 7.2 didn’t work, I worked for a bit, now I have a working nextcloud but without Files, Users and what I really need, Shares, help!

PS: I don’t have backups of the complete installation, only data and config without config.php

You tried to install what version of Nextcloud? Normally, you need to go through NC 12 which still needs a php version < 7.2. They tried to make it possible in the future to skip major upgrades, but I don’t know about the status if you could try to go to NC 13 directly (@nickvergessen).

If you skip a major upgrade (worst case by tricking with the version numbers), or for upgrades in general, please do a full backup of your data, config, and database. In the current state, you haven’t changed your data, you can still go back to the OC X code, or try a different upgrade path in case something goes wrong.

Thanks, i installed Owncloud again with php7.0 and then did the upgrade again