Migration advice needed, cpanel to Nextcloudpi


I started by installing NC on a reseller cpanel server to see if I liked it (I do!). As part of my degoolifying, it looked good and I now want to move it to my own home server (Raspb Pi).

  • SQlite is on the Internet, I decided to go with MySQL on the Pi
  • no command prompt access on the Internet, is there a way to FTP the files across?
  • How do I get the database across and migrated?

I’m not a 100% noob but please explain it in simple terms. If there is a workaround, let me know.

Thanks in advance

Using cpanel

Use cpanel for exporting the database.

Ncp requires mariadb. You’ll need to do research in the docs for migrating from sqlite so it can be imported using standard nextcloud restore process. You’ll also need to confirm you have proper permissions and ownership on the data directory.

Sorry to say this process is not easy and cpanel management is outside of our community support. Ask your host for assistance in using cpanel

Thanks for the response, was thinking of the following approach:

  • copy everything from Internet Server to a PC install as is (NC, SQlite)
  • migrate SQlite to MySQL
  • export/import MySQL from PC to Pi
  • move data from PC to Pi
  • pray (actually at every level of this operation)

Did I miss anything?