Migration advice from standalone to AIO


I’ve got an old standalone version of nextcloud that I want to move to an AIO instance for easy of maintaince. I read migration.md and it looks quite difficult for a database transfer (I use mysql now) and I was wondering how easy it is to migrate the data in another way (user-migration app, or maybe only copy files?)

Besides files, I have the following apps that I would like to keep the data from:

  • notes
  • bookmarks
  • contacts
  • calendar

Is it possible to export and import those things without a database dump? Or is the database dump route my best option?

Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

I don’t see why you scare about the DB migration… basically it’s nothing more as backup/restore adopted to AiO Docker and conversion to Postgres in case you are running MySQL now… I didn’t try now but is sounds reasonable and very good documented.

everything you can access from outside of the system you can transfer… at last resort doing a hardcopy and manually entering the data in a new system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the official migration guide is the way to transfer the whole system including all database content e.g. internal and external shares, file history, comments etc. depending on the amount and complexity of your data this might be far easier than migrating every single data piece manually. at least you can do it in one go for every user and any amount of data in opposite to individual migration…

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I asked because the migration documentation says about the database migration:

Please note : this is much more complicated than migrating only the files and also not as failproof so be warned!

I guess I’ll have to try it. Thanks for your reply.