Migrating to Nextcloud


I would like to Migrate from Owncloud (Version: 9.1.3) and have a few questions.

What is the best upgrade path? Should I upgrade my Owncloud to version 10 before migrating to Nextcloud 12?

Once I have upgraded Owncloud, will all the share links remain the same. We upload lots of files daily which we share with links so these need to remain in place after the upgrade.

We are looking to connect nextcloud to active directory using the ldap plugin. We don’t currently have this setup, but if we did, do standard nextcloud users and active directory users work side by side, or is it either or?


Hi mattewan.

  • I’d advise upgrade from OC9 to NC10, then to NC11, NC12 and then finally NC 12.0.2. Is your ownCloud in a virtual environment? You can take a snapshot before upgrading so you can fallback easily.

  • yes, I believe all the shared link are kept in mysql backend so upgrading shouldn’t modify any shared links

  • standard users and AD users are different accounts. I suppose you can, for each user, remember the shared folders, then move the content to Desktop from the old account, then login to AD account and move the content back and re-share…this is the best I can come up with…unless someone else has a better idea…

be careful, in OC 9.0 and 9.1 are different major versions. 9.1 is the brother of NC 10, so you can upgrade to NC 10, then -> 11 -> 12
more details https://nextcloud.com/migration/