Migrating server; can't connect anymore

Using 11.1.2 on debian 8 and apache2

Everything worked fine until I decided to migrate the server to another network; at the moment I can ssh the server from the net but not nextcloud web interface somehow so must be something silly I forgot ?

I modified my apache2 server with the new dynamic dns address and added the trusted domain in config.php.

Anything else I need to do ? Do I need to regenerate the https certificates too ? I assume that if I can ssh the dynamic dns is working just fine. My router nat has been also triple checked.

This setup used to work just fine; only thing I have done is move it to a new network with a new dynamic dns; any idea would be very much appreciated.

There’s a support template for these types of topic which helps troubleshooting, so:

  • What do you see when you try to connect through the browser?
  • Do you see anything of note in your Apache logs
  • What’s a “new network” - can you elaborate on this please?
  • Have you tested your 80/443 is indeed open on the router? Try: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
  • What modifications did you make, and where did you make them?

thanks for the help:
recent update it looks like Im having an issue with my VPN connection on my laptop; just disconnected and I could connect to the web interface… but if I connect again I loose the connection… any idea ?