Migrating Owncloud 9.1.8 to Nextcloud throggh migration tool

I am trying to migrate form owncloud to nextcloud and getting this below error


Current version is 9.1.8.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

It should work, 9.1.8 is not that new. You can report the problems to the bug tracker:

As alternative to waiting for a fix, you can do a manual procedure like described here:

You probably would go for NC 10, and then upgrade to further through NC 11, 12 to NC 13.

Still same problem!
Current version is 9.1.8.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

I want to upgrade automatically!!!
Which next lower version should I fake in config.php and version.php to achieve this?

Perhaps this report is related: https://github.com/nextcloud/owncloud-web-migrator/issues/3

I’d really consider the manual migration for two reasons:

  • the version you are using, and the version you are first migrating, are already both out of support for quite some time. That is perhaps the reason, there is no migration path because if there are bugs or problems, there is no support.
  • After the migration, you have to upgrade through several major versions. In the first versions, the updater app was a bit buggy, and considering the fact that you run a few upgrades, I’d use the manual upgrade procedure since it is the most reliable one.

You can get the code of all versions here: https://nextcloud.com/changelog/

I faked now to version instead of and the automatical update worked flawlessly…

@jospoortvliet Can you run some more tests on this migration path and add it, since these are not supported version, this shouldn’t change any more.