Migrating NextCloud AIO installed on an older laptop

Hello all!

I’ve been using NextCloud (AIO on Ubuntu) successfully on a Laptop with a 256Gig SSD just as a project. However, it’s grown quite a bit. I would like to migrate the data from the smaller SSD to a much larger SSD. Any suggestions on how to go about this without ruining my current running setup?

Thank you!

Docker applications are easy to migrate in general:

  • setup docker on the new system
  • migrate your mounted volumes to the new system
  • migrate/adopt paths of docker(-compose)
  • adjust port forward of your router if required…

In case of AIO, you could create a backup via the aio interface and point that at an external drive. Then reinstall the os with the new ssd and start a fresh aio install where you can import that backup archive from the external drive.

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