Migrating NC from hosting server to a local one


I am facing the following problem:
I have a 50GB NC server in my hosting provider for 1 year. Since then my home lab has been set up and I want to run it from here (hypervisor proxmox).
I’ve struggled quite a bit to get it so well set up, I really like it and use it every day… Not incidentally my phone is connected to it /eos/.
The problem is that the hosting provider doesn’t want to or can’t deliver the complete VM.
The question is how can I migrate the database, apps, settings, in short everything?

Thanks in advance

I guess you can just set up a bare bone instance (with the same softwares&nextcloud versions) and do a backup&restore to it? You need to make certain adjustment to config.php, however.

Since you only have 50 GB, you could use the backup app to migrate the complete server to your new proxmox.

Create a backup with that app on your old instance,

install your new instance at home and restore from scratch:

I don’t know, if that works with proxmox but you could give it a try.

If you use few apps you can use a Nextcloud client to downlad/upload. Also you can export/import contacts and calendar.