Migrating from outdated Turnkey Linux Nextcloud to All-In-One

I am in a very tricky situation.

My current Nextcloud is on v25.0.10 on a Turnkey Linux LXC in Proxmox.

I would like to move my installation to All-In-One which is on 27.0.1.

I’m pretty sure I’m not getting upgrade notifications for 26 and 27 in my Turnkey Linux because I have PHP 7.4 installed and 8.1+ is required. Therefore, I can’t upgrade it.

I tried just copying my database and data directory to All-In-One but it says I need to update.

I don’t know how to update my Turnkey Linux installation so that I can upgrade Nextcloud before moving it to All-In-One. Or maybe there is another way. Any suggestions appreciated.

I got it. I had to upgrade my Turnkey Linux php version to 8.1 (8.2 not supported by 25). I did this by:

  1. Listing all the packages currently installed with 7.4 (dpkg -l | grep php7.4) and then installing all the 8.1 versions (apt install php8.1-xxx).
  2. Changing php versions used by apache (a2enmod php7.4, a2enmod php8.1, systemctl restart apache2)
  3. Upgrade to nextcloud 26 now shows up so run the updater.
  4. Upgrade to nextcloud 27 now shows up so run the updater.
  5. Re-export data directory and database and load into