Migrating contacts & calendar from one Nextcloud to another one

I’m leaving a provider (A) where is my nextcloud for another (B) where I’ve installed a new Nextcloud.
For the files, with the desktop synk (on Ubuntu) it’s quiet easy to make a double synk. From A to Local-PC and then to B.
I didn’t find a similar system for Contacts & Calendar. Its actually synchronized from A to Thunderbird on my Local-PC but I don’t find a way to make the route from Thunderbird to B. Any idea ?
(Of course I may export & import back)

Don’t search for a TB function which most likely doesn’t exist. The Nextcloud import/export function has been created for exact this purpose.


you can download your calender (click the three button next to the calender) and import the .ics file in your new nexcloud.

Unfortunately some events are lost (at least some recuring events)

Please be more precise and describe IN DETAIL which events got lost.

The Nextcloud import/export function has been created for exact this purpose.

What exactly do you mean?

For contacts, there is an Import Contacts button within the settings at the bottom left of the app, but I can not find anything to export contacts. (Contacts v4.0.0)

And for calendars, of course it would be possible to export every single calendar into an .ics-file from the context menu of each, and then re-import that file into a to-be-created calendar on the new instance. If there are lots of calendars to migrate, so this can take a while. And as @vin100vin stated, some event details will get lost.

Also, this does not work well when in production, because new events could be created in calendars, after they have been exported. It would be cool to be able to fire up a script to sync everything, right before the DNS record will be pointed to the new server.

Is there a way to automate that today, maybe even via API calls using curl? Any ideas?

For exporting calendars/addressbooks you could use calcardbackup.

For importing calendars you could use caldav-calendar-import. I never tried this script though.

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