Migrated Server: Certificate issues on Android (web and client)

Migrated my Nextcloud 21.X.X VPS from one KVM box to another.

Now on 3 different Android devices (on which I had previously signed in with the “old” NC instance).

I use HAProxy on my PfSense box, which is where the certificate is.

When I try to re-set up the NC Android app, I get “Unknown server error” and when I try to access it via browser (Chrome and Samsung browser behave the same way), I get a certificate error. If I ignore the certificate error, I can get to the instance and log on.

I don’t have any issue on desktop clients.

Behavior is the same whether I am on the LAN, or not.

is likely the cause of an issue. You have no way to ignore certificate check in the app and Android is really picky in terms of certificates and TLS (for a good reason) so I would start troubleshooting there.