Migrate single user from owncloud to nextcloud

I’d like to migrate my data (Files, calendar und contacts) from a owncloud server to a next cloud server. I do not want to migrate the complete owncloud instance but only me as a single user.
Is there a easy way to do this keeping all information (including shares, permissions etc) or do I have to transfer the data and enter the meta information by hand?
Thank you for your help!

The only more or less proper way would be that you copy the whole setup, delete all other users and then migrate to Nextcloud. At some point there was a proposal to allow migrations of users between setups, but there is no easy way at the moment.

There is a python client which can help you to read and/or create shares:

(if these are sharing links, you can’t preserver the sharing ids).

You can try to hack around and do it directly in the database, but this is of course not supported and it can easily result in unwanted behavior.

You can export calendar and contact information and re-import it in your new setup.

That’s what I was afraid of…
ok - let’s go the hard way :slight_smile: