Migrate oC10.6 to Nextcloud21

Is there any chance that an Owncloud 10.6 installation can be migrated to Nextcloud 21 RC2?
I have seen that OC version check is still 10.5, but if it’s supposed to work from 10.6 and just waiting for a tester, I might be volunteer :slight_smile:

@jospoortvliet The migration scripts don’t have high priority at the moment. But since ownCloud is changing the platform, some users might be interested by Nextcloud that don’t want to do the platform change. And you could just have a last migration script that migrates the last php owncloud to some version of NC.

@nofno: There is a migration script (probably not ready yet) but it isn’t that large. Not sure if it just searches the corresponding NC version and then does just the “usual” upgrade procedure. So if you can just copy your instance and play around, you could just manually fit in the versions and try yourself: owncloud-web-migrator/index.php at master · nextcloud/owncloud-web-migrator · GitHub

@tflidd I just updated to NextCloud 21 without any issue so far. I followed the manual update process Upgrade manually — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation


@nofno Did the upgrade also work without problems with the installed apps in owncloud, or did you uninstall them first and add them again in nextcloud?

Contacts, calendars and files have all been transferred? So it was just a normal manual upgrade?

@cpunk Yes indeed, no problem with installed apps, contacts, calendars and files. I was a smooth manual upgrade from a user point of view.

I just notice I have some crypto related error messages, especially when I try to search something:

Error: hash_equals(): Expected user_string to be a string, bool given at /www/lib/private/Security/Crypto.php#146
Error: hex2bin(): Input string must be hexadecimal string at /www/lib/private/Security/Crypto.php#129

@nofno Thank you for the information, it makes me optimistic.

The errror messages seem to be known in Nextcloud and are not related to the migration from Owncloud:

–> Issue #23197 (without having checked it more closely)

I just did the migration, here is the report: Migration from Owncloud 10.6 to Nextcloud 21

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